Within, you will find a few of the fruits of my writing labors over the past ten years: poetry, essays serious and humorous, magazine articles, and lightly edited ruminations. The broccoli4breakfast iteration from 2010 to 2019 was a blog, but this is simply a vehicle for sharing my shorter pieces with you while I complete other projects—the latest one being humorous essays (in the style of David Sedaris)—which I’ll deliver at the Chapel Theater in Milwaukie, Oregon beginning February 2020. February 20th will be especially meaningful, as my youngest daughter Leah, a standup comic in her own right in Virginia, will perform with me as the best half of the comedy duo “MAD (Mother and Daughter) Altogether.” After that, I shall be just “Half MAD.” If you’re in Portland on any given third Thursday beginning May 14th, you can catch my solo act. I’ll post gigs as scheduled. Hope to see you there!

Thank You for Visiting — and, of course, Happy Reading!