Root Canal

Those of you who have had a root canal know how exquisitely painful the process can be. You certainly doesn’t choose to have one for the fun of it. When the nerve lies exposed and throbbing, in goes the oral surgeon—first preparing you by numbing the area, and afterwards, pumping you with medication until your crown is ready to be put on. The root canal experience is used as a comparative to other tasks adults would prefer not to face. “I have to talk to my ex today,” says your coworker. “Ugh!” you reply. “I’d rather have a root canal!”

Today I had a root canal of sorts, and it was a process I will definitely choose to undergo again. I had my first facilitated session of The Work, Byron Katie’s life-changing, simple process. What was deftly extracted—not only without medication, but guided by my own brain—was a damaged thought pattern that has caused me untold heartache and misery for over 50 years. I now have a shiny new thought pattern, custom-made, and of superior quality, to take its place.

The procedure is deceptively simple. Take a thought, one you sincerely believe is true (either about yourself, or someone else), but one which, when thought, causes a pain-chain of reactions. You don’t try not to think a thought. In fact, you cannot drop a thought; it’s not possible. But, when you go behind it, when you shine the torch of your own intellect upon it, exposing it for the fiction it is, the thought drops you. At that point, you have the opportunity to replace it with a shiny new thought of the highest quality, one that is just as true or truer than the old, but one that brings you joy and peace, not depression, anxiety, and sadness. It’s a system of enquiry Albert Einstein would have loved, because its motto is “Question Everything.”

I have not the time at present to go into details, as Katrisa, Cassidy, and Kevin will be here in Portland within the hour, but I wanted to share with you the joy, lightness, and beauty I gained from my work with Pam today. She is an angel. And she helped me to realize that I am, too. We all are.

Oh! My angel Katrisa is here!

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