Miraculists and Method-ists

I’ve had trouble coming up with a name for this blog. Should it be ‘Believers and Unbelievers’? ‘Dreamers and Doers’? ‘Fact and Fantasy’? Or maybe ‘Method-ists and Miraculists.’ I want to choose my words carefully, for I am not advocating religion, nor am I promoting atheism. Religion, even spirituality, has nothing to do with what kind of person you may be, and I am passing no judgments. Rather, I believe we need each other.

I’m trying to divide people into two groups, those who accept the miraculous as a matter of course – expecting it, really – and those who find the incredible to be, well, unbelievable. Some in the second group may accept the miraculous as a last resort, while others will never do so. The extreme members of each group are those on whom I’d like to focus.

The recent events in my life – from reappearing reproductive organs, to disappearing ones; from believing I was about to die, to realizing I was not; from thinking I was going to finish a master’s at PSU, to moving to Ireland in October – have prompted much contemplation on my part, and no doubt on others’ as well. The recent ultrasound, the results of which were given to me Tuesday night, really threw me for a loop: now I have no ovaries! They have disappeared, and I know for certain they were there a while ago.

For a Miraculist like myself, I can quickly attribute their vanishment to:

  • The success of my treatments at Health Resources (HR)
  • The power of good thoughts and prayers from my well-wishers (GT)
  • Diet changes from the Anticancer book & other scientific data (AC)
  • The Big Gal upstairs (BG)

Put formulaically, a Miraculist might, if she were trying to quantify it (but she would probably never do it), put it thus:

HR (1) +GT (1) + AC(1)

____________________   = 1 (Wholeness)

BG (3)

I don’t know; I think that looks pretty good. A Method-ist – and that’s someone who follows the scientific method – would disagree, however, because there is no agreement on the terms I’ve used. (Sure, I made them up! That’s what Miraculists with blogs do!)

Method-ists are A + B = C kind of folks, and I for one am glad they’re around. I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for them, in fact. They are the ones that uncover the mysteries behind what the Miraculists take on, if you’ll pardon the religious-sounding word, faith. If the Method-ists weren’t certain there must be a rational explanation for things, we would still be using leeches.

Miraculists comme moi are also catalysts, though; our experiences – so removed from the ken of the scientific mind – provoke Method-ists to dig deeper, to find the cause of a cancer’s disappearance. It might be fair to say that if enough people experience a miracle, if the weight of evidence begins to point to new possibilities, the Method-ists, with their insatiable curiosity, will begin their explorations. ‘Proving someone wrong’ has often led, throughout history, to new discoveries, new cures for disease, new technology. The Anticancer book by Servan-Schreiber represents an excellent example of a Method-ist whose observations, once he actually had cancer himself, have cleared up some of the mysteries surrounding previously inexplicable cancer cures.

Things become miracles because we don’t understand how they happen, after all. What was miraculous to a Renaissance society makes us laugh now. We know better. When those Method-ists dig in, they don’t stop until they get to the rationale behind the irrational. The miraculous becomes commonplace, and people wonder how it ever was otherwise.

You Method-ists need us Miraculists, you really do. Your insatiable thirst for knowledge is slaked by trying to find out why we believe as we do. We drive you nuts! We drive you to your laboratories; we drive you to Google the world for information. We Miraculists have our heads too far in the clouds for us to see those web pages — aren’t we lucky you’re grounded?

But A + B = C is too old-hat for you, too boring. You need grander, more intricate problems. Dig into the mysteries behind our cures! (It’s a sure bet the Miraculists won’t.) Reduce pain and suffering; save future lives – that’s what you do best.

Thank you for not believing us, Method-ists. The world is depending on you not to.

“Keep calm – and Carry On.”

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