Spoiler Alert!

Ummm…remember yesterday’s CSI blog? How wonderful you felt reading what an awesome person you are, knowing that what you love about me is actually what you love about yourself? Well, I didn’t like to say it yesterday, because I was on such a positive roll, but here’s the deal: What you don’t like about me is also something you don’t like about yourself, whether you’ve acknowledged it or not.

But not to worry! There’s a happy ending after all, because you can do The Work on those traits; in fact, those are the very things to do The Work on. Some of you are already gifted, knowing that everyone you meet is a Teacher, and those who annoy you are the best Teachers of all — I’ve only come upon the full realization of this truth (and its attendant, pure Joy) very recently.

Think of it as, “I cry — so you don’t have to.”

One thought on “Spoiler Alert!”

  1. What a beautiful thought. The good things you see in others are in you. Thanks Jen.

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