Bright Star

Bright Star


The stars

so bright.

I had to search online

and find

what it was I saw out there.

Orion I knew

thanks to you.


not hard.

But the others?

So many.

One so bright

I thought it must be

a plane.

Plain to see –

it was Sirius.

No, seriously.


Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune.

That’s a lot of planets (they look like stars; only astronomers know the difference)

to see

all at once.

And the constellations. O! the constellations.

Unchanged since Aristotle, and Galileo, and Shakespeare.

Unchanged since the Celts and the Vikings.

We humans have changed, but not you,

you Stars, you!

You are the stuff of which philosophy is made.


Do we shine

like this

to you?

to the other stars?

Do they—the people, the aliens, the others—

look up

and see us?

Do they go out

in their slippers

and stand

in the cold

and marvel?



November 24th, very early


One thought on “Bright Star”

  1. amazing to think that the stars we see may have been extinguished millions of years ago and all we see is the light they sent out before they died

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