life on the left — a poem

life on the left

by jen holland


living left means



no proper nouns

keyboards favor the right, and bill gates’ programs –

well, they make your i big

whether you want it or not.


i felt the power shift.

all’s right and

god’s in his heaven.



i asked that he glance left

now and then;

give us goats a chance.


l-l-lo and behold –

he did.


now i see life

from the mirror-side.

learning to write again

learning compassion

letting others help

i learn to lean,


like my child-like scrawl


i laugh. i see now.

it’s all gods have—



dekalb, illinois

february 26, 2011

after an incident with a tuna can lid

on 23 february

which lefted the author



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