Welcome, 2012

I love New Year’s Eve and Day, and possibly more so this year than in previous years. It’s not just that I made it through 2011 (there were a couple of close shaves), but that I made it through in a more self-affirming and positive way. I truly feel like a different person than the one who arrived back from Ireland a year ago.

New Year’s Eve gives me a chance to reflect on what I’ve learned over the past twelve months, and New Year’s Day, however symbolic it may be, marks the day I begin putting the 2011 wisdom into conscious actions, actions that support and nourish the “New” Me.

These efforts are making their way pictorially onto what my daughter Katrisa calls a “Year Spell.” We sat last night in her home cutting out pictures and phrases that capture our hopes and dreams for the coming year, much like The Secret’s intentions board. Well, Kev and Kat were capturing their future; not understanding the “Year Spell” concept, I was busy clipping things that encapsulated 2011! With regret, for example, I skipped the picture of a couple kissing, thinking: “Well, I sure didn’t have romance in 2011. Sure wish I could cut this pic out, but it would be a lie to put it on my board.” Needless to say, once I realized my mistake I dived back into the mags, trying to find that smooching couple. I didn’t, but that’s okay — I’m going to draw it in!

I’ve hardly known where to begin today, I’ve so many dreams for 2012. I’m so grateful that Katrisa shared the concept of the Year Spell with me, for it reminded me of the power of pictures, of the visual reminder of goals. I’ve experienced its power firsthand more than once, yet I’d forgotten about it. This is the very thing that could get me walking like my old self and able to travel; it may help me find a partner with whom to share my love; hell’s bells, it might even mean that I’ll have some money in the bank. Stranger things have happened. 

Pictures are so powerful, and when used in conjunction with focused thoughts and lots of love, magic happens. Well, not so much magic as science, really. Our minds cannot tell the difference between past or future, as time is a manmade construction. Mind takes whatever we’re thinking about (or whenever we’re thinking about) as the present; as reality. Our bodies then react accordingly. If we’re worried about a future event, we’ll get the heart palpitations and sweaty palms now, because Mind does not differentiate times; everything is Present. During 2011, I learned to thoroughly enjoy the Present; lo and behold, more of that enjoyment then made its way to me, effortlessly.

Pictures I think will make it easier to stay in the Reality I wish to construct for myself. I’ve found I really like being happy, and I’d like more of it, thank you very much! Does that sound silly? Why would anyone want to be unhappy? Well, I’ve learned that I must have wanted to be depressed, because I made sure to immerse my Mind in recriminations, guilt, remorse, and “I wish I would have’s” for many, many years. Switching to a positive focus caused the depression I’ve suffered for years to simply melt away. I know it sounds too good to be true, and you may not believe me. That’s okay; I don’t require your belief or approval any more.

I’m here to tell you that you can change, if you want to. And New Year’s Day is a really good time to start. Dream big Dreams! Write those dreams down! Cut out pictures, glue them onto some cardboard, and put your masterpiece where you can see it every single day. If you want to quit smoking, put in pictures of someone out in the fresh air, enjoying a mountain hike or a long bike ride (or whatever it is that you like to do, a place that precludes smoking). Mind will take care of the rest, and you’ll be smoke free before you know it. I want to walk again, so my Year Spell has people walking in beautiful places, including Ireland (because another of my dreams is to visit there again). My Spell has a girl doing yoga, and lots of pictures of organic foods. It has a picture of a Subaru, because I’d really like a car. Not a new car, just a car. Sure, if it doesn’t work, am I any worse off? Thing is, I know it works, because it’s happened to me several times during my life. Some day maybe I’ll write about them, because writing more is one of my goals, too.

Get the picture?


One thought on “Welcome, 2012”

  1. the people demand a picture of your year spell! (i borrowed that “the people demand” thing from stian). think about it – the more people who see you intentions – the more power behind them! 🙂

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