On Reflection

Mirror? Mirror.

Reveal me to myself.

To think means to reflect;

as a (wo)man thinketh,

so is (s)he.

As a woman reflecteth,

so she must be.

No reflection; no identity.

Simple as that.


What you see is what you get

and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I’m in your mind’s eye only,

a reflection of a reflection’s

reflection. (Please pause

to reflect on that.)


My immobility makes me

invisible to strangers—



as through a glass



Hold me in your mind.

I am what you think I am:

young, old

brash, bold

happy, hippie, hobbling—

all are true

if thought by you.


You create me in your own image.

I am you.

I am the youngoldbrashboldhappyhippiehobbling

parts of you.

Let your mind’s eye

look in the mirror.

You’ll see the truth—


April 7, 2012

Salt Lake City

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