Calling in Exhausted

I called in exhausted yesterday.
I thought exhausted best described the condition.
Was I sick? No. Tired? Yes.
Too tired to form complete sentences? Yes, let alone teach them!
I’m lucky I work at a place where I could call in exhausted.
I’ve never worked in a place where I could tell the truth
and still have a job to go back to.
Perhaps my boss is exhausted, too. He understands.

I don’t believe exhaustion has found its way
into any manuals of diagnoses; therefore,
it is not a disease per se.
A mere symptom, exhaustion may have given up trying to be a disease
a long time ago. (Once it auditioned for the role of a condition, but fell asleep halfway through.)

Diseases can be tiring, true—
but symptoms tend to be so tiresome.
Symptoms are the whiny kids
no one wants to babysit.
You know the ones!
Parents tend to let them loose in supermarkets and movie theaters
the world over
(probably hoping someone else will take them).

Well, yesterday I decided my little symptom—
should not be inflicted on persons in public places.
I stayed home.
And do you know, the strangest thing happened!
when I went back to work,
I heard not a peep from that usually whiny child.
Maybe it just needed to be listened to for once.

April 12, 2012
Salt Lake City

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