Queen of Energy

Years ago,
I was given an award:
“JEN HOLLAND” (the plate, written on with Magic Marker, said):
not terrifying,
I would still like to be that Queen
should I be given the chance to choose
a superhero persona.
Hope would be a great gift to bring to people,
but I think the superhero position covering Hope
has already been taken.
That superhero has a blue ring
and everything!
(I know, because he gave one to me in 2010.)
Hope might be a lot easier to have, though,
if you have Energy,
Energy is Life; Life, Energy.
My mom used to say,
‘Where there’s hope, there’s life.’
No, wait –
it was the other way around.
Hope can’t exist without Life;
where would It live?
And Life can’t exist without Energy.
Energy sparks the Hope that sparks the desire to live.
Energy infuses, instills, inspires;
it clears the way so Hope can get in the door;
it gives Hope a place to live and then –
Energy finds its way to another flagging spirit,
quick as you like!
Faster than you’d dared hope.
That’s me!
The Queen of Energy.

Written Friday, April 13th (lucky for some!)


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