Queen of Energy II–Comic Tragedy

the white plate said,
its red letters
magic-markered on,
fading, fading
with every year.
The move from Ireland
in 2004
broke it at last,
nearly fifteen years
after its receipt.
Sure, the words were so faded –
mere ghosts of themselves.
A ‘helpful’ friend
had washed the plate
not realizing the grime
(yellowed, sticky, dust-dirty)
reminded the Queen of her cigarette-smoking years,
not all bad by any means. They were, in fact,
the energy years;
Superhero at her best.
So many memories,
scrubbed away in an instant by a good-intentioned soul
and a mean cleaning agent.
The plate needed the muck
to hold it together.
First to go were the letters
swirling down the drain.
(Not so permanent, that marker, was it?)
Next, grime gone,
fragile after all,
the plate
breaking, broken.
like its heroine
from one move
one cleansing
one good deed
too many.
The Queen of Energy lives on
in myth only;
her followers search for old issues
wrapped in plastic
hermetically sealed
in back-of-beyond, ill-lit comic book stores.

April 14, 2012

2 thoughts on “Queen of Energy II–Comic Tragedy”

  1. How sad that after all those years the reminder of the Queen of Energy is no more. BUT it lives on in the hearts of MANY dear Queen forever more.

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