Hungry for Peace

No wonder the Middle East has so much conflict,
and the Asians their long history
of ferocity—
their food is fantastic;
a little goes a long way.
If armies march on their stomachs
(as the saying goes),
then those soldiers on the far side of the world
can march a fair bit.
No wonder we encourage young people from those countries
to come to the U.S. to study.
Once they’re used to our comestibles
they won’t have the stomach for fighting,
let alone marching anywhere.
The typical American diet provides just enough strength
to heave our hefty bodies
into our gas-guzzlers
and dine drive-through style.
We totter to Taco Bell
masticate at McDonald’s
and waddle our way to Wendy’s.
It’s the American Way!
(But would you like French fries with that?)
The “Foodies” who eat well,
who care what’s in their fodder,
spend their energy making love
not war.
Eschewing fast food
and faster wars,
they’re lean and mean—
but not fighting machines.
They hunger for peace.
What if our government gave a war
and nobody came
because they were all at McDonald’s?
Peoples of the World!
Please come here!
Get fat.
Help us find peace.

 April 15, 2012

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