Table Turner

What if
I were a financier?
IMF-kind of financial wizard?
Jen Paul Getty.
I would gain the trust
of the richest of the rich;
I would lull them into a
false sense of their securities.
without warning—
I would turn the tables on them!
Gone would be their riches!
Gone would be their stranglehold
on small countries
and ordinary folks!
Gone would be their power!
Like Robin Hood,
I would give all that wealth
all that power
I would gift it back to the ninety-nine percent.
‘Here, my darlings!’ I would cry,
‘Here is everything that has been withheld from you!
‘Go now. Be peaceful. Be happy.’
For a time, all would be blissful.
And then
I would watch
in horror
as they turned the tables
on me.

April 29th, 2012

[This poem responds to the Jezebel Press poetry prompt for this week, which was “If I could do a job for which I have not been trained, what would it be?”]

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