Depend On Me

Depend on me
to always be
just me:
You can rely on the fact that I,
dressed in best intentions,
will let you down.
I want to want what you want,
but I don’t,
so I won’t
be there for you.
Not if it’s a public outing—
coffee shop,
even a wedding.
Instead, I’m letting
my mind run away,
to take flights of fancy.
There’s no chance, see,
of my getting out
and about.
No doubt
I’ll let you down.
Delicious irony of life!
I’ve the time to travel—
even the money! —
but honey,
cripples are confined
to flights of the mind.
Depend upon it.
Be my reality, would you?
Don’t you see?
I’m still me:
to the core.
Undependable as before.

May 8, 2012 — Salt Lake City, UT

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