Easy as 1, 2, 3

I couldn’t be happier!
I found enough food for lunch today.
(Nuts and seeds might not be everyone’s idea of lunch,
but it works for me.)
My children are healthy and happy.
I’m leaving in five minutes for a job I love,
and I’ve finished the paperwork for the job I’ll soon have.
The morning is bright,
with that crispness in the air signaling my favorite season.
I’m wearing my $1 clothes
and earrings given to me by a priceless friend.
I found out I don’t have cancer
or thyroid problems
or lupus
or diabetes
or high cholesterol
or anemia:
I can see my lovely little car
(my wheelchair with a roof)
waiting for me across the road.
I have friends from around the world,
four of them coming from Ireland to see me in about a week.
My rent is paid,
my bills are paid,
I’ve still got my own teeth!
Cup of brewed cocoa in hand,
I check my bank balance.
Yup. That’s it.
No stocks, bonds, savings, credit card, money under the couch cushions.
People often say they don’t have money, but
have you ever had only $1.23 to your name?
And if you have,
were you as happy as I am right now?
It’s as easy as $1.23.
(Stop complaining for a minute and just count your blessings, okay?)

From Your Favorite Gimp

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