Why do lovers lie?

Why alter Truth’s face—

a nip here,

a tuck there—

botox that baby into a fixed, forced smile?

Then trot that tarted-up Truth onto a stage

Hope she doesn’t forget her lines

Add a laugh track

Pray the hidden Truth doesn’t stumble in,

tripping over the footlights?


True lovers love the skin you’re in

Cherish the wrinkles

Feel the pangs of your illness

Grieve at your losses

Hug your weaknesses close to their chests and murmur,

“There, there.”


Unadorned Truth is beautiful when seen through Love’s eyes.

Love isn’t blind at all.

Love sees every cell and adores it for its own perfect self.


That’s why lies and deceit make lovers weep.

Lies dim the lights

Deceit draws the blinds

The loved one’s beauty,


cannot be enjoyed anymore.


And we are left



May 21, 2014

DeKalb, Illinois

One thought on “Baffled”

  1. dont be baffled. we all love you so much. i recieved your message today, and would have loved to skype. lil ol tooners had a fever of 104.6 and i was working and then getting medicine then bath time then moms home then she sleeps then its 10 and omg, i had to email. your trip will be fine. we love you and we will talk soon. i work from 1030 till @ 730, then pick up the lil one, pick up mom(dreen) then be home 2 815ish. fri after noon works too. i love you, be good

    Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 23:03:56 +0000 To:

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