Ten Years After*

I love life when it’s like it is today. As if, after long and heavy rains, the sun breaks through the clouds. Rainbows form in every crystal drop and leap from every leaf. The greens are more varied than any artist’s palette, painfully beautiful.The air itself is vibrant with life and love and renewal, and I scramble to write and record the cascades of wisdom around me. I want everyone to feel this joy. I know it is possible.

I’ve always wanted to change the world. I’ve wanted it to be a free, peaceful, joyful place full of health and love. And it was today, at 4.30am on Friday, 29 October 2016, when I realised that I now hold the power to change the world. I will shift your paradigms. I will rock your foundations. Please keep reading.

During the last ten years, my life has taken twists and turns I could never have foreseen. At 4.30 this morning, I distilled the wisdoms collected from those unique personal experiences and the extraordinary people I’ve met on my journey. In gratitude for this precious distillation, I offer it gratis to you.

If you don’t believe I have the power, that’s fine. Your active participation — let alone your approval — is not required for me to change your life utterly and for the better. All you have to do is read this, and the change will begin. You see, my experience is yours, too. The ripple effect from the profound healing journey I will share with you is not bound by physical distance. In other words, Katrisa will not benefit more from this because she lives down the road from me, but she may benefit more because she already lives life with such an open mind. She is not burdened with the guilts it has taken me years to shed. She notices the synchronicities happening all around. Those of you who are similarly natured may see the truth easily, too.

But it is perfectly fine to be skeptical. I’ve needed your groundedness many times in my life, though I didn’t always appreciate it. Many of you have been led down the garden path once too often. I get that. Not a problem.

In past blogs, I see how hard I’ve tried to convince people that prevailing ideologies and beliefs — especially when it comes to allopathic medicine — are not only off the mark, but completely the opposite of what we’ve been led to believe. Although I’ve had many experiences that attest to there being Truth out there no one talks about (for example, the infallibility of German New Medicine to pinpoint the causes of illness and thus effect lasting cures) no one has been willing to leave the side of their particular sacred cow and test the theory for themselves. Hey, it’s scary! If I had had health insurance, I wouldn’t have left my cow either! Many of you need to be shown proof of a thing before you will take it on board. It’s got to be signed by an MD or lawyer or government official. Others of you are willing, but have not the time to read all the materials. Others are willing and have the time, but don’t have the money to access the treatments I somehow stumbled into at no or low cost. That’s okay. I’m here for all of you.

That’s what makes this so exciting for me. For the first time, because I actually have insurance that pays for all my healthcare, I can share with you documentation that the healing science I believe in so fervently —GNM — works. Am I in the midst of cancer? No. Not this time. I’ve learned that people will only hear what they are prepared to believe, and I’ve not found one of you who is open to GNM’s approach when it comes to cancer.

But how about bacterial pneumonia? Viral, maybe. But surely no one can recover from a bacterial pneumonia without antibiotics? Hmm? JUST WATCH ME.

This past month I visited my family doctor twice and saw specialists in three different fields. I just didn’t feel well, and thought it was a bladder or kidney infection. Test after test: negative for UTI. (Oh, the tyranny of the tests!) Last Saturday Katrisa was with me in the ER when they decided, even after a chest x-ray, that it was a muscle spasm in the upper back. And yesterday saw me back in the ER after the high fevers and increasing unwell-ness of the week. Chest x-rays showed nothing. But a CT scan with contrast showed the infection.

I was duly given medications to fight the pneumonia and another viral infection that I’ll focus on in another blog. I was given masks to wear to protect the public from me. Oh, the sad and sympathetic looks of my kindly medical staff. Yet I left that ER full of the joys of spring! No kidding.

Why? Here’s my chance to prove to you, and to my doctors, the validity of German New Medicine. I am going to waltz in for my follow-up appointment with the two full bottles of pills I never took and a healed body. They will do a CT scan and see there is no infection left. I know this because GNM is not guesswork. When A happens to a person, B will result. EVERY TIME. Even better: if you see B, you’ll have a pretty good idea what the A was! And best of all, B is evidence that the healing is underway. Allopathic doctors cannot fix us because they think B is the disease and they, with the best of intentions, destroy the healing.

Examples of healing? Fevers. Pains. Tumours. Abscesses. Fibroids. Eczema. Incontinence. Sciatica. Osteoporosis. Sexually transmitted diseases of all types; ditto for rashes and eruptions, including cold sores. Kidney stones. Ingrown toenails, for heaven’s sake! Allopathic medicine’s doctors, insurance companies, and especially pharmaceutical companies, in their attempts to “free” us from what are actually life-giving microbes and germs, instead indenture us to lives lived in fear.

Well, here’s your chance to break free. The official German New Medicine site (germannewmedicine.ca) was set up for the Common Good. Knowledge truly is power, and their sole goal is to make this life-changing information available to all. Yes, there are other sites that claim to be GNM, but they are not. There are those who learned, as I am doing, about GNM and then charge people for their services. The doctor I worked with in Minnesota is one of them. But I don’t begrudge his taking money from me (at less than 1% of what just one course of chemo would have cost, I might add) because now I can share this info with you if and when you want my help.

For free. Yup, that’s what I’m going to do. I believe I was given the gifts of physical and mental health issues, multiple traumas, and relationship and employment disasters so that you would not have to undergo all of them yourselves. It is because of these that I now have the gift of time to research the GNM site and synthesise its complexities to guide you through your unique situations. I don’t need your money, either. I’ve learned to live on very little indeed — another result of my amazing life. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I want you to feel that way about your life, too.

Because this website embraces the mystical and mysterious (and also because it’s G-rated), it is not the place for the frank discussions that are vital to an understanding of GNM science. I will set up a separate site for that. I will provide nuggets of GNM wisdom and also a place for you to ask questions anonymously. We can also chat via the internet or phone. I will not share any of your successes unless you ask me to, or you volunteer them on the readers forum.

You know, we’re all free-falling through the Air of Life. Some of us are busy making plans and fiddling with schedules and worrying about the pimple on our friend’s dog’s nose, while others of us are looking at how many shades of blue the sky is and how the clouds seem to be racing away and how those pine trees are getting bigger at an astronomical rate. I want you to join me in looking at the awesomeness of the life around you. You’ll be closer to doing it, too, when you finally comprehend GNM. It will free you up for all sorts of adventures!

So I leave it up to you.

With love that’s deep as the ocean and higher than the sky,
Your Favourite Mystic


*Why did I title this blog “Ten Years After”? Well, I still love that band, especially the lyrics from “I’d Love to Change the World.” We didn’t know how to do it then, but I do now.

And it was ten years ago that I was told I had ovarian cancer. I only knew the “B” then, but now I know the “A.” I hope you’ll stick with me and become an “A” student, too.

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