The Sounds of Silence

I’m going off the grid. Trying the hermit lifestyle: no phone, no internet, no email. The tough part will be not hand writing letters, but if I stop buying stamps, you should be safe.

I’ve fancied myself as good with words, to the point that I even felt my words did good. But time after time, my words hurt those I love most. Since I don’t know how that happens, how words coming from deep love morph into poisoned arrows, I think it safer to stay away from words altogether for a while.

This experiment might turn out really well. Think of the guilt, shame, and sadness I’ll save — guilt over not contacting people for so long; guilt, shame, and sadness over what was said or written or received.

Perhaps in silence I will discover who I really am. All these years, I’ve defined myself with and through words. The non-verbal world is actually far larger; the scope to find a new vibrancy is immense. There’s a whole ‘nother Jen out there to discover. For now, my forays into the Silent World will still be based in Utah, but who knows where this adventure may take me?

Perhaps silence will accomplish more than the words ever could. Then you can invent your own happy stories about me, using your own words and not the ones I try to force on you.I hope you see me healthy, happy, and living closer to Mother Earth. I will always see you with love.

Okay, here I go…internet off in 10 seconds. Peace out.

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