I Can’t See THAT Ever Happening…

I must share a delightful story. My daughter’s hubby applied for a job and they’re waiting for the answer. My daughter woke up and said to herself, “I’m going to see him [the prospective boss] today! I just know it!” She put on makeup and “dressed the part,” as it were, of the charming, intelligent, beautiful, well-clad wife of the Man for the Job. She walked into WholeFoods and even though she had been CERTAIN she would see him, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she did see him walking down one of the aisles. She tried to put herself in his way so she could speak to him, but that isn’t always the way of it. She did get to speak to him eventually, but the conversation was nothing like she’d imagined. Welcome to my world, dear daughter! Everything and anything you desire or imagine is out there, but you won’t see it until you are prepared to see it (or hear it, or believe it). And if you can see yourself, in detail, in a desired situation that aligns with your highest values and priorities, you will find yourself there. Why? Read on, Macduff…

This manifestation process works for situations you believe are “negative” as well as “positive.” (In my world, there are no poles; they are one, as a coin has two sides but cannot exist without one side). For example: the other day a friend of mine was cursing his slow computer. “I need a new one, but I don’t have the money,” he cried. I asked him, “In a perfect world, what computer would you get? What would it look like?” I couldn’t even get the questions out; the barrage of epithets against the DOS-POS on his lap swept them away before he could register what I was saying. He’s probably still cursing at it and still not getting the resuls he wants. You see, when you put that much energy into a situation, it will continue. It has to. You not only have to unearth how the current situation serves you (and it does in some way, or you would not continue to do it). You must also imagine a new scenario to replace the old one.

If he — or you — want a new laptop (or car, or job, or whatever), try closing your eyes, relaxing into a comfy chair or even your bed. Let your imagination loose. See exactly what you want; the more detailed you can make it, the better. Dress the part, as my daughter did for her WholeFoods adventure. Feel the keys under your fingers if a laptop is what you want. Have your mind’s eye watch as website after website opens speedily and you accomplish exactly what you want. I did this myself last night with my own laptop. It’s a beautiful piece of technology, but I was fighting with it. I took the advice I’m giving you here, and when I went back to it, everything flowed smoothly. Changed perspective; changed reality.

I’ve been doing it also with regard to writing. I tended to agonize DAILY about my lack of finances; I thought about little but budgeting, cutting corners, making do. My focus was usually on poverty, not abundance. After an inspiring webinar by Dr Demartini last week, the one I mentioned in my last blog, I changed my tactics once again. “Start with what you’re certain about,” he advised. “What do you have, right here/right now, to take the first step toward fulfilling your dream?” If you’re taking daily actions to fulfill what are your highest priorities, and choose those actions over the distractions which are keeping you stuck where you are, you will naturally be happier. (And even healthier; the stress from doing jobs that are not in line with your highest values causes diseases great and small.)

But what if, like me, you can’t automatically see yourself in a different situation? Despite my active imagination, I still feel I can’t see the big picture for myself, not really. I’m too old; I’m too poor; I’m too whatevs. That’s okay. I’ll start small, with a small enough dream that I can see myself in. There are days I don’t think anything has happened — I still haven’t seen the Big Picture, and it’s hard for me to see myself as that successful author, or as having more than a three-figure amount in my bank. But today I looked at my surroundings after talking with my daughter. Hmmm…look at what’s changed in this past week. Things I “needed” in order to write are now all in place: my son-in-law had brought over the rug for the living room. That meant I could move my writing desk from my chilly bedroom to a warmer spot, one from which I can still see the mountains when I write (which is why it was in the bedroom in the first place). I replaced the television-watching area with the writing desk. Now it takes effort to watch television, but it’s easy to write. I was substituting actions for distractions and wasn’t aware of the progress I’d made!

The reason I’d been talking to my daughter at all was that I’d written and produced a video book for my granddaughters for Christmas and I was waiting to hear if she had been able to access it. Again: I wrote a children’s book this week. Wow. All I did was start with what I had: I know I love to write. I have the space and time to write. I have a laptop. Maybe I’ll make money and maybe I won’t, but that’s not for me to worry about! MY job is to write, every day. Meditate and get inspiration, every day. Choose actions that fulfil my highest values and say no to distractions, no matter how pleasant, every day. When you’re clear, absolutely clear, about what you want, the Hows take care of themselves. They always do. Always.

What happened in WholeFoods for my daughter was not a miracle. She had seen the scenario in her mind’s eye, and she had dressed for the part because she was certain she would see him. That certainty coupled with highest-value intention is what does it. He might have been there every time she went to WholeFoods, but he wasn’t part of her highest value list until now. She couldn’t see him until…well…she could see him.

Whatever your or my dream may be, the chances that we will achieve them are very poor indeed if we can’t see ourselves doing it; if we can’t see it ever happening. True, we may not get it even if we visualize it in detail, but we are certainly stacking the odds in our favor. The point is, if we are engaged in highest-value priorities day in and day out; if we can see how our present situations serve us and be grateful for them; we’ll be happy even without the dream home or job. Strange but true.

It’s our choice. We’ve created the world we live in now. If we want another one, we need to see it in our mind’s eye first. The rest follows naturally. (And if you don’t believe me, I dare you to try it.)

Now go out there and have the best life ever!



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